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Jeannette Goon
Photo by Helena Lopes on Unsplash

After I sold my e-commerce business at the end of 2018, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do next. So I took a gap year.

During that year, I freelanced as a writer and editor, experimented with two projects, tried hair modelling and worked at a cocktail bar for minimum wage.

Then 2020 and COVID-19 happened, which meant that, like so many others, I ended up working from home — doing media research and remote project management, teaching digital marketing. I also went back to school.

But now I find myself in 2021, three months away from graduating with…

Photo by Steve Johnson on Unsplash

I am going to write today, I think, as I wake up in the morning, fresh out of a vivid dream in which a man whom I seemed to know but had never seen in my life was stroking my hair as I lay in his arms. But the first thing I do after I get out of bed is put the water on to boil and the magic of the moment is gone.

I will definitely write today, I say to myself as I eat lunch while watching yet another cartoon. Today’s it’s Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous and after…

Photo by Yuris Alhumaydy on Unsplash

This is the first real thing I’ve written in more than a month. Not for anyone else or for social media, not for work or to provide any kind of value. It’s merely an exercise in self-expression, a verbal outpouring of grief.

Even as I write this piece, just after 1am on the 1st of June, I don’t know yet if I will finish it today*. If it can even be finished.

How does one be finished with grief?

From experience, I know that it never goes away. …

Photo by Nauris Pūķis on Unsplash

I visit my mom every weekend and whenever I do, I always pay a visit to the chicken rice stall nearby her place. It’s just a little stall in a coffee shop that has other hawkers.

Even though it’s in an area that’s considered far away from the city, the shop is often crowded and the chicken rice usually sells out by 2pm, if not earlier.

Although it’s not a venture capitalist-backed startup or a multi billion-dollar conglomerate, I’ve learned a few valuable lessons on business from this little enterprise.

Create a great product

Every hawker center in Malaysia will typically have a chicken…

Photo by Tobias Adam on Unsplash

It’s a really tough time for a lot of businesses in Malaysia. We’ve had two weeks on restricted movement with an order for a further extension until April 14.

As someone who’s been plugged into the drinks industry in Kuala Lumpur (I write about bars in KL), my heart especially goes out to the bars and bar owners whose sales are suffering, especially indie bars that aren’t owned by large hotel chains.

I also have clients from a range of industries and even those from online retail have been struggling with sales. …

Photo by David Hofmann on Unsplash

In Malaysia a few days ago, the government announced a movement control order. Non-essential businesses are closed and most people are working from home.

Many of my friends who are unaccustomed to being at home all day are feeling stir crazy after just two days. When they ask me how I’m doing, I find myself shrugging and saying: This is normal for me.

I work from home all the time. I don’t leave the house unless I really have to.

But during a meeting I had a month back — it was over the phone with someone who also worked…

Photo by Justin Main on Unsplash

Living in a country where traffic is a given at almost all hours of the day, commuting used to frustrate me.

Trying to get to work in the city centre — I lived in a suburb about 40km away — took me about two hours. And that was just one way!

These days, I rarely travel during peak and rush hours, but when I do, it usually takes at least 20 minutes from one place to another.

When you’ve got loads of things to do and very little time to do it in, 20 minutes is a long enough period…

Pix by Kevin Bhagat on Unsplash

If anyone had told me four years ago that I would be a business owner with a profitable, seven-figure business, I would have laughed. I was a writer, not a business person.

Yet here I am. I managed to sell my business last year, and have been working on and investing in other businesses in 2019. I’m finally beginning to work up the balls to call myself “an entrepreneur”.

What did I do and how did I end up here? I’ve been asking myself lately.

Occasionally, it feels as if I tripped into a wormhole and ended up on the…

Pix by Estée Janssens on Unsplash

“What are you busy with after this?” he asked. I was out with a friend for dinner and I’d told him that I would have to leave by 9pm.

I’m going home, I told him. Apparently, this was an “unacceptable” reason to end a night out early. “No way, you’re coming out for drinks with me,” he said.

“No I can’t, I have plans,” I said. From the look on his face, I was sure that he’d took it to mean that I was going home to either: a) ravish my husband or b) keep to a curfew. …

Pix by Max van den Oetelaar on Unsplash

My heart was pounding. There had been a severe mistake in one of our large shipments and the client was furious. He was out for blood. We were going to lose a generally easy to handle, recurring customer. He was going to sue us. We would have to suit up for war.

As you can see, my mind makes huge leaps towards worst-case scenarios. And once, I might have given in to the crippling physiological sensations that come with anxiety.

But I’ve found something that work better than medication — stoicism. …

Jeannette Goon

Learning to live with myself.

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